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Posted 2022-08-01
First Pressman-Paperboard Packaging Printing
Neff Packaging Solutions
10 Kingbrook Parkway
Simpsonville, KY 40067
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First Pressman - Paperboard Packaging Printing About the job JOB IS LOCATED IN SIMPSONVILLE, KY ** ALL SHIFTS AVAILABLE ** SALARY DEPENDS UPON EXPERIENCE ** Due to business growth, multiple positions being filled Job Summary Purpose Utilizes skills to efficiently produce a quality product at optimum speeds. Possesses journeyman knowledge of ink and water balance needed to reduce make ready times and increase run speeds. Ability to safely direct crewing in machine operations and job planning. Performance maintenance as needed per machine specification. Possesses mechanical abilities to use tools needed for press operation. Essential Key Job Responsibilities Provide instruction, direction, and support to the entire crew working on the assigned equipment. Able to educate less senior employees and train them to attain higher levels of achievement, up to and including operator. Prepare Offset printing equipment to print specified manufacturing orders. Must be fully aware of the quality aspects of Offset printing, and knowledgeable of the control points of the equipment that guide the process within the specified ranges. Knowledgeable of the raw materials, support materials, tools, and principles associated with Offset printing. Knowledgeable of industry suppliers and willing to maintain regular contact in order to maintain knowledge of technology and methodology required to constantly improve the Offset printing process in relation to the industry as a whole. Preplan all manufacturing orders directed to the Operator’s assigned equipment and determine the necessary material requirements including but not limited to the proper ink colors and formulas, the specified paperboard, and printing plates. Able to make the necessary mechanical adjustments required to prepare all types of offset printing equipment to print specified manufacturing orders. This includes preparation for line, screen and process work; setting up materials, feeders, grippers, printing units, delivery, spray systems, mounting plates, positioning plates, setting ink fountains, roller adjustments, press packing, setting guides, and preparing ink for each printing unit, adjusting printing, and all other related duties. Operate all types of offset printers at maximum production speed, maximum utilization, and minimum waste. Operate hand, fork, and clamp trucks as required and lift up to 50 lbs Operate quality control equipment such as a densitometer and other QC instruments as required. Perform assigned Quality Assurance tasks. Get copy, position, color, and cutting alignment to specification, including matching copy okayed by the customer. Ensure that printing remains within specification throughout the entire run by monitoring control points and running only when within the proper tolerances. Maintain a constant supply of all raw materials, tools, and support items to ensure continuous operation of the equipment throughout the entire run of a manufacturing order. This includes the need to strive for continuous running of the equipment during the run by making arrangements for backup during lunch and other company approved breaks. Make plate and ink repairs as required and report defects that are non-repairable. Responsible for reporting causes for all machine downtime regardless of whether chargeable or non-chargeable, reasons for not meeting planned productivity, and reasons for material waste. Make certain the work area and methods used are always safe and reasonably free from risk of health problems and injury. Comply with Neff’s Current JSA. This includes addressing the best methods of handling heavy items, repetitive movements, and hazardous materials; and seeing that the department is clean and in conformance with all company and government regulations. Tag each load for identification according to procedures and report production quantity and quality by run sequence. Advise team facilitator and/or supervisor on the status of job supplies and materials. Lubricate equipment, make minor repairs and help in press wash up. Advise the team facilitator and/or supervisor of any need for major repairs or adjustments. This position may also be required to contribute to studies related to recommendations and/or decisions for purchasing additional equipment. Cooperate with management by agreeing to perform any business duties necessary to effect accurate and efficient flow of business. Be willing to train someone to serve as backup to this position and serve as backup for another position. Perform printing press operation in compliance with OEM operator’s manual. Comply with all company rules, regulations and safety requirements Other duties as assigned by management Minimum Qualifications Required Education High School Diploma/GED Required Licensure And Certifications N/A Required Minimum Knowledge, Skills And Abilities Reports to Process Improvement Manager Directly oversee compliance with Neff’s current cGMP and ISO Standards and SOPs. Indirectly supervises personnel assigned to assist in the Offset Printing department. Operate hand jack Operate forklift truck Understand Job Jacket information Complete necessary paperwork Demonstrate a level of mechanical aptitude necessary to be successful in the position Must be able to read, write and speak English Preferred Qualifications 1-3 Years’ experience in a manufacturing/industrial environment Neff Packaging Solutions proudly produces innovative custom packaging solutions for many of the nation's top Branded Consumer Product companies. Our company is focused on solving difficult challenges with innovative Packaging Solutions that meets specific needs, with an approach that is both lean and sustainable. APPLY FOR THIS POSITION Apply with Indeed
Kara Olson
(502) 722-5020