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Job Listings / Logan's HealthCareLinenServices
Posted 2022-08-01
Soil Room Sorter-$15 Maintenance Positions-Also Available Production positions-Also Available Supervisors positions-Also Available
Logan's HealthCareLinenServices
1240 Harry Long Road
Shelbyville, KY 40065
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SOIL ROOM SORTER JOB TITLE: Soil Room Sorter WORK TEAM LEADER?  Yes  No DIVISION/DEPARTMENT: 223 LOCATION: Soil Room part-time hours  full-time DATE WRITTEN: February 2017 REPORTS TO: Production Supervisor PURPOSE: To provide quality service and products to our customers in a timely and professional manner. ESSENTIAL DUTIES: The soiled linen must be picked up and placed in the corresponding sling. The sorter must be able to handle 900 pounds of soiled linen per hour to keep the soil belt moving. Sorters need to watch the display screen above the sling and be aware of the change out process between accounts. Sorters need to have knowledge of hospitals that have COG and special items that have special handling procedures. Sorters are required to wear protective gowns and gloves. GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The soil room sorter is responsible for the correct sorting of hospital linen that has been placed on a constantly moving conveyor belt in front of them. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: • Provide own transportation to and from work • Be able to read, write and speak the English language • Be on time • Have good attendance • Keep work area and the company premises clean and organized • Work safely • Be able to stand on feet up to 10 hours a day • Be able to use repetitive arm motions • Be able to get along with all employees • Be able to follow directions given by their supervisor • Possess and maintain a positive attitude • Follow all company rules • Perform other duties as assigned by their supervisor • Ability to pick up a piece of soiled linen weighing up to four pounds and placed in the corresponding sling • Must be able to handle 900 pounds of soiled linen per hour to keep the soil conveyor belt moving • Be able to walk up steps and bend, as needed • Be able to lift arms overhead, as needed • Be able to work past the schedule, as production issues may arise
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