Saddlebred Shelbyville and Shelby County have long been noted for their excellent business climate. In recent years, we have encouraged several major businesses and industries to locate in our community. These new friends have been a profound influence on all areas of economic development. The leadership here is genuinely interested in new businesses and the opportunities they create. You will find each of them personable and willing to work together to assist you in your efforts to establish your business. We have long recognized that the growth and success of Shelbyville, Simpsonville and Shelby County has been through the creation of new businesses just like yours. You will find your efforts welcomed and appreciated and, every effort will be made to support you in any way possible. The Shelby County Industrial & Development Foundation was established in 1957. It has made a name for itself and for Shelby County throughout the state and the nation as a county eager to meet the future by recruiting clean industries that provide sound jobs for area residents. The industries of Shelby County provide 5,000+ jobs for the people of Shelby County. Today, the Industrial Foundation strives to assist Shelby County’s existing industries by providing job fairs, informational seminars, and any other assistance that might be needed.